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Club Flex

One of the most important lessons in paragliding is that you need to be flexible if you want to fly in the best place at the best time. The Club Flex is for those pilots who are very flexible in their availability, and can easily free themselves for a day or even a week to be able to fly when the time is good.

We have a Whatsapp group ‘Club Flex’, where we inform members one day in advance who is interested in flying in Belgium the next day with guidance. The ultimate ambition is that if we see it’s going to be good for 3 – 5 days for thermals and XC to fly somewhere in Europe, we post this in the whatsapp group and we organize a car-pool or even a last-minute flight towards the location.


  • Thermals / XC flying according to the conditions and your level
  • Briefing of the meteo, the site and the NOTAMs
  • Guidance from the start or from the air
  • Repetition of launch techniques

For whom?

  • At least initial certification (Semi-Autonomous) or a higher certification
  • Being a member of Club Airsport
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance
  • Have your own material


Through the Whatsapp group we let you know in advance where we are going. This could be belgium, France, Germany or much further.


€ 30 per day, € 25 for pilots who fly with a wing bought at the Paraglidingshop.

Paragliding Insurance

Mandatory. All participants must be members of the BVVF with insurance. Only the paragliding insurance through Aviabel BVVF is valid.


  1. Sign up here to have your details to meet.
  2. Send an email to to be added to the Whatsapp group.

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