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Club Ski and Fly

Can you ski? Can you paraglide? Can’t you choose? Then this is for you. With the ski & fly we go flying with skis. You’ll learn how to start on skis, how to adjust your glide angle in flight to fly close above the ground, hit the ground and fly “touch’n go” again. These are also those ideal moments to practice on your precision landing.

Together with Giuseppe “Jo” Mastromicele, an experienced ski and paragliding instructor, who speaks fluent French, Italian, and English, we will learn together how to launch and land with the skis.

We head to Morzine, a traditional mountain village with an atmospheric centre and authentic architecture. It is located in the sunny ski area of Avoriaz, which belongs to the extensive ski area Les Portes du Soleil. Because Morzine is so vast, there are several ski lifts scattered throughout the village. A large cabin that departs just past the centre will take you to Avoriaz in about four minutes. During the day there are free ski buses, which connect the various ski lifts.

The area itself has 580 km of ski slope, so if it doesn’t fly for a day, we can still enjoy the many ski slopes and the après-ski…

What can you learn?

  • Take-Off with Skis
  • Fly close above the ground at speed without hitting the ground
  • Touch and go
  • Glide flights
  • Precision landings

For whom?

  • At least initial certification (Semi-Autonomous) or a higher certification.
  • Can ski, you don’t have to be a black piste skier, but smooth parallel skiing is necessary.
  • Being a member of Club Airsport.
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance.
  • Have your own paragliding material.
  • Own ski equipment, or rent locally.


€ 360 for 6 days, € 300 for pilots who fly with a wing bought at the Paraglidingshop.

Other (not included) costs:

  • Ski-Pass ~ € 250
  • Stay; target price € 25 – 40 per day
  • Own consumption
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • All costs are distributed on site


Check the calendar to see when the next trip is scheduled.

Currently no available events, please contact us for the next update.

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