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Club Soaring

In Belgium you can fly fantastically for hours above the dunes! Soaring is a separate branch of the sport that requires a very different technique than mountain flying. Moreover, it is an ideal addition to thermal flying. First being able to fly in the autumn and winter period when there are less thermals. Second it is a fantastic method to work on your launch technique. Via this club activity you can also obtain you soaring certification.

During this club activity we first teach you a good launch technique, necessary to be able to take-off with a lot of wind. Onces you control the proper technique, you can slowly work yourself up against the dune and then soar above the dunes.

Because you need even more specific wind conditions for soaring (between 10 and 20 km/h, with a wind direction perpendicular to the coastline and even the tides play a role), we work with a Whatsapp group, to which you will be added after registering for a Soaring day on the calendar. Via the whatsapp group “Airsport Soaring” we let you know one day in advance where we will meet. Very similar to the Club Flex activities.


  • set up your wing, both forward and reverse
  • kiting with your wing
  • launching without using your hands
  • control your wing with different wind speeds
  • the cobra starting technique
  • up the dune with a screen above your head

For whom?

  • At least initial certification (Semi-Autonomous) or a higher certification
  • Being a member of Club Airsport
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance
  • Have your own material


Through the Whatsapp group we let you know in advance where we are going. This could be the Belgian, French or Dutch coast.


€ 60 per day, € 50 per day for pilots who bought their equipment from the Paraglidingshop.


See calendar when the next day is scheduled.

Club Soaring 04/09/2021 – 04/09/2021 – (still 14 free spaces available)
Club Soaring 05/09/2021 – 05/09/2021 – (still 14 free spaces available)
Club Soaring 02/10/2021 – 02/10/2021 – (still 14 free spaces available)
Club Soaring 03/10/2021 – 03/10/2021 – (still 14 free spaces available)

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