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Club Thermals

Do you have your initial license (semi-autonomous pilot) and do you want to gain thermal experience quickly? Have you been flying for a few years, but do you still loste the thermal? Do you often have the feeling that others are rising up, but you are dropping out in the same spot? This can be solved quickly with some good guidance. Join Club Thermal. We improve your climbing technique based on coaching, debriefing, theoretical background, track logs and observations. You will learn that thermal flying is much more than waiting for your vario to beep and making circles until you find the core. Together we learn to read the landscape, the wind and read the clouds. And automate your technique so your brain is ready for all that information.

Lode Spruyt is one of the best pilots in Belgium, and flew a cross of 416km in 2020! He flies in the Belgian team at PWC (Paragliding World Cup) competitions. He mainly remembers the slow learning process, gained from progressing on his own. That can be done faster! Listen to his tips, site briefings and meteo. Try his drills and take a big short cut in your flying career. Co-supervisor is Bram Declercq, with 13 years of flying experience and a personal best of a 170km triangle. He knows how to adapt the tips and exercises to everyone’s personal experience.

We decide 3 days before departure, where in a radius of 1200km are the best conditions to fly thermals, then we drive there in group. If the conditions get worse, we will leave for the next location. We make it an intense, educational and fun week for all pilots who want to make rapid progress. The goal is to fly safely for as long as possible.
Have you already completed a thermal training or club thermal, have you already obtained your XC pilot license, have you lost less than 10% of your bells? Then join Club XC and break your personal distance records thanks to the same intense guidance.

For whom?

  • At least initial certification (Semi-Autonomous) or a higher certification
  • Being a member of Club Airsport
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance
  • Have your own material


Where it is good at the given moment. We draw an imaginary circle of 1200 km around Mechelen and look for the best place for thermal flights and that’s where we will go. If the weather changes and there is a better place within a driving distance, we will move to a different location.


€ 525 for 7 days, € 455 for pilots who bought their equipment from the Paraglidingshop.

Other (not included) costs:

  • Stay; target price € 25 – 40 per day
  • Own consumption
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • All costs are distributed on site


Check the calendar when the next trip is scheduled.

Club thermiek / Thermique / Thermals - 05/09/2021 - 11/09/2021 – Flexible in a radius of 1200 km, where the forecast is good.

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