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Expert training

This training is intended for experienced, certified pilots who like to share their passion with a passenger. For practical reasons, it is advisable to start this training with 2 or to provide a partner with a pilot’s license as a passenger.

Content of the training

  • Training slope day with your solo wing
  • Training slope day with a / your tandem wing
  • High flights tandem
  • Theory tandem (exam to be taken at BVVF)
  • At least 10 high flights as a pilot on the tandem
  • Practical exam


  • € 500 for a tandem student without a passenger (certified solo pilot), with Airsport equipment.
  • € 400 for a tandem student without a passenger (certified solo pilot), with your own material
  • € 350 per student tandem pilot, with 2 pilots using the Airsport equipment
  • € 300 per student tandem pilot, with 2 pilots using own equipment

Insurance: Valid BVVF insurance for solo flying and tandem flying.


Look at the calendar for the high flight trainings or minitraining. As tandem student you cannot register directly as you need to do 2 days of training slope practice first. Please contact us directly for this training.

SIV Training

SIV is an abbreviated term from French and means: Simulation Incidents in Vol (Flight). De training is intended for pilots with a minimum experience of a 50 flights and owning their own equipment. This training is 2 or 3 days and takes place in Annecy where the exercises are performed above the lake. You’re wearing a life jacket and a boat is always on standby to get you out of the water if things go wrong.

Content of the training

On this training we will simulate and solve flight incidents. For example: I get a closure of my wing in turbulent air, how do I react and how do I solve the problem… We also learn fast descent techniques such as spirals, in a safe way. The exercises are adapted to the level of the pilot.

  • Theoretical explanation.
  • Exercises at everyone’s level.
  • Debriefing with video recordings.

At the moment we no longer organize SIV trainings ourselves, our experience shows that the schools abroad (France, Austria, Turkey) focus on organizing these trainings better than any Belgian school. Feel free to contact us and we can advise you where to go.

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