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Vol-Biv Training

For those unfamiliar with the concept, vol-biv is the pinnacle of paragliding: we move through the mountains with our flying and camping gear on our backs, and improvise everything along the way: starts, landing, flights, meals & overnight stays.

We’re on the move for 5 days of hike and fly, 4 nights in the tent below the stars. We walk up the mountain, we take off from anywhere we can or like, and aim for days of 30-50km, depending on the meteo. At the latest in the evening we all come together around the campfire to share a meal and a place to spend the night. Next morning the fun starts all over again!

On day 5 we return to our beginnings & car, by means of public transport or hitch hiking.

Program – before

  • Material advice: what do I take with me, what do I leave home?
  • Test day in Belgium (with check of material and demo).
  • Physical preparation group (Strava).


  • 3 guides-monitors
  • Choice of region, route and start sites according to meteo
  • XC Strategy / route
  • Route planning of the day
  • Guidance for finding a second take off in case of a failed 1st attempt.
  • Choice of overnight stay (camping / wild / mountain / refuge / … )
  • There will not be a support car following the group for transporting the gear. All progression will be done by flying, walking or hitchhiking.

For Who?

  • 7 pilots with lightweight gear
  • Having experience with flights of 30-50km, or who have done an XC course with airsport.
  • Certification XC Pilot and IPPI-5 card (this is a required participation condition).
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance.
  • Travel assistance insurance.
  • Have your own paragliding material, including a GPS.


  • The Alps or the Pyrenees, where it’s good at the time. We draw an imaginary circle of 1200 km around Mechelen and find the best place for XC flights and that’s where we go.


€ 450 for 5 days.

Other (non included) expenses:

  • Residence
  • Own consumption
  • All costs are distributed on site


Currently no available events, please contact us for the next update.

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