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The Airsport Team

Robin and Hannelore

Airsport is a team. Airsport is the sum of its members, the students, the monitors, the family and the friends. The school cannot exist without the instructors and they cannot be passionate about flying without the support of the family. Robin and Hannelore are together in charge of the school logistics and the training. Hannelore behind the scenes and Robin on the premises.

Our passion is to grow and support people in achieving their dreams. A bit like “Make a Wish”, but with a passion for flying. Safety is the most important thing, but there must also be fun and wonderfully long flights.

Together with a team of great and capable people.


Flying since: 2012

Best flight: My 1st XC may not be my prettiest flight, but one to remember! First cross from the Montlambert to the Dent d’Arclusaz, starting to go up to big grey cloud, while being a bit anxious. Then – wondering if I would make it – crossing the valley. In the slowly approaching the landing of Chamoux and landing there with a big smile on my face that stuck for the rest of the day(s). Thanks to Danny for his tips!

Task: Assistant instructor.

Motto: flying is fantastic, but landing safely is essential!


Flying since: 2007

Best flight: 1st time to rise above take-off instead of descending. Get cloudbase first time. 1st time on xc flying. Flying out of a league task once. The most memorable flight to date: a task of 83 km during Belgian Open in Grand Bornand 2017.

Task: Assistant instructor.

Motto: My wing makes the difference between the sky and the sky.


Flying since: 2007

Best flight: Oludeniz – Turkey, in 17 minutes until some beautiful cumulus clouds climbed at 3400m. With 3000m of altitude difference above the sea arrived. Butterfly Beach flew over and an island a few kilometers further into the sea. With wing overs, SATs and a steepled spiral dropped to 400m.

Task: Instructor.

Motto: If thinking about flying already excites you, imagine actually doing it!


Flying since: 2011

Best flight: My first thermal flight on the Dents De Lanfon (Annecy), concentrated not wanting to give off my bell, only to suddenly realize that I was hanging at 2800m. What am I doing here? What next? Just the sound of my wing whizzing through the air, fresh wind to one’s slightly too bare ankles, and the world that was very small at my feet. Fantastic…

Task: Assistant instructor in training.

Motto: Paragliding is more than flying. It’s being in nature, getting to know yourself, trying to understand the meteo, dealing with ups and downs, installing an incredible amount of apps at some point, and lots of fun together at take-offs and landings…To keep it safe, to grow and to enjoy this sport for too long? Everything step by step.


Flying since: 2014 (before that 15 years as sailplane pilot).

Best flight: There are several, but the best memory is of a flight where I went with friends on a flight-biv adventure. After we all gathered above the Grand Bornand take-off and flew together as a group along the Aravis, where our adventure started. Another great flight was at a race in Macedonia, I crossed the starting line in 60th place and ended up finishing 6th that day without being aware of it.

Task: Assistant instructor in training.

Motto: Enjoy the moment, make your own goals and plans. Find a nice balance between your gas and your brake. (You will probably discover what I mean by this).


Flying since: 2000

Best Flight: A flight of nearly 100 km in the Krusevo region, Macedonia, in 2017 during the Naviter Open. Leaving the last thermal after a flight of about 4 hours and realizing that you are going on a final glide and will reach goal is a great feeling!

Task: Assistant instructor in training, Club guide.

Motto: Better safe than sorry.


Flying since: 2011

Best Flight: I made it with 3 friends. We flew 170 km, starting from La Sambuy, crossing several nature reserves to Grenoble and back again. The conditions were fantastic and we helped each other by staying together. Along the way we crossed the take-offs from Montlambert and Saint-Hilaire, and crossed the lake of Annecy. So cool to prepare and execute the flight together!

Task: Assistant instructor in training.

Motto: Focus on the the things you enjoy, that gives you pleasure and satisfaction!


Flying since: 1987

Best flight: Laragne Chabre on 21/08/2011 80 km.

Task: Instructor.

Motto: Everyone flies at their level!


Flying since: 2009

Best Flight: my best flight is at any given time a recent one, for me, flying is about pushing boundaries and flying further and higher then I did before. My current highlight is June 9, 2020 with a flight of 416km over the French flatlands, followed shortly by a 200km in group with William, Bram and Karlien in the French Alps, also 2020.

Task: Club guide.

Motto: Higher, further, faster! But always safe.


Flying since: 2012

Best flight: Molveno Italy 2012, my first thermo-dynamic flight to cloud base overlooking the Brenta-Dolomites. Still my favorite flight spot.

Task: Club guide.

Motto: The best pilots are the ones who fly with the most fun!


Flying since: 2008

Best flight: With my flight buddies for hours at the top of the Dormillouse at cloud base.

Task: Assistant instructor.

Motto: Better a pint on the ground than a tree in your ass.


Flying since: 2005

Best flight: The most beautiful flights for me are not the farthest or the longest, but the ones where we fly together in a group, where we pushed the boundaries together. In my ‘early’ years with Lode or Phil or more recently on a Club activity or a SYTYCF week.

Task: Instructor.

Motto: Listening, watching, enjoying, learning … Grow. Fly safely!


Flying since: 1989

Best flight: As a tandem pilot in Livigno in winter, took off at 2400m and then in blue thermals to almost 4000m… boundlessly beautiful!!!

Task: Assistant Instructor.

Motto: every flight with good take-off and landing is good flight… No matter how long that flight took. Your “super flight” will come… 🙂

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