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Basic Training / Training Slope

The basic training starts with an explanation of the material used and the structure of the training. Then we start learning the basic actions; prepare the wing, adopt the correct posture, take-off and landing. This happens on a training slope. This is a gently sloping area where you will simply perform the actions without leaving the ground at the first attempts. As you progress, you will eventually be able to make flights of about a hundred meters, a few meters above the ground.

The required amount of basic training days varies from person to person, depending on your learning speed and the effort you are willing to put in. On average you will need 4 to 5 basic training days.

All the required equipment is included in the price. This includes the wing, the seat harness, helmet and radio. At Airsport we only use recent and standard approved (EN and/or LTF-inspection) material.

Please use clothing that can withstand some wear and tear and high (ankle firming) shoes (e.g. mountain shoes). Also provide plenty of water and a packed lunch.


€ 95 Euro per day (~6h of training). There is a package deal for 5 training slope days is € 370 (the package is valid for 2years). This does not include annual insurance.

Please contact us via email when you book the package deal, as we need to provide you the required vouchers for booking subsequent training days.

Insurance: €25 for a calendar year.


Depending on the weather conditions and your level. Usually not far from the school, but sometimes we go to Boom or Han-Sur-Lesse, which means about an hour’s drive away. The appointment is usually at 08.45 am with us in Mechelen.


See calendar when the next training is scheduled. For groups of 6 people, training days can be arranged on request.

Leshelling - Pente école - Training Slope 08/10/2022 – 08/10/2022 – Airsport (still 1 free spaces available)
Leshelling - Pente école - Training Slope 09/10/2022 – 09/10/2022 – Airsport (still 1 free spaces available)
Leshelling - Pente école - Training Slope 22/10/2022 – 22/10/2022 – Airsport (still 0 free spaces available)
Leshelling - Pente école - Training Slope 23/10/2022 – 23/10/2022 – Airsport (still 0 free spaces available)

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