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Starter Training

Everything in one training, that is the concept of the starter training. This training has been made specifically for people who are eager to start and can’t easily make themselves available during weekends for the basic training. The intention is that you start from 0, without any experience, and by the end of the week you have done your first high flights. Without having to go to the basic training first.

First you learn, close to the ground on a training slope, how to best prepare your wing. How to put on your gear and take the right starting position. Then you learn the right launch technique to prepare your wing properly for a nice flight. This part of the training lasts 3 to 4 days, depending on your progression and the forecast.

During the training you will receive a pedagogical tandem flight where you, as passenger, will fly in the air and receive instructions on how guide your wing towards the landing, and how to land safely.

Only when you have a well-controlled start technique do we move on to the high flights. Then we move to a start at altitude where we accompany your flight from take-off to landing under radio guidance, with a take-off instructor and a landing instructor.

After take-off comes of course landing, this is obviously the same flight, and this is something that you can only learn after you are airborne. However, under radio guidance you will get clear instructions on how this works. In addition, you have already performed at least one tandem flight where it has all been demonstrated while flying.

Hundreds of paragliding pilots have already preceded you and made their first flights with us. You too can fly between the mountain tops and enjoy this unique experience!


  • 6 days learning to fly
  • training slope – learning how to launch
  • pedagogical tandem flight
  • your first high flights – wing mastery and learning how to land
  • drawing up theory lessons, material knowledge, meteorology, flight plan
  • video de-briefing and analysis of your technique and progression
  • transport between take-off and landing
  • all the equipment you need to fly

For whom?

For absolute starters, you don’t need any prior knowledge. This is different from the High Flight Training for which you first have to follow the basic training first, to ensure that you already mastered the proper launch technique.


The Stage location is in the calendar, possible locations are the Vosgezen, the Alps, the Pyrenees, …


€ 600, the use of all required material (wing, seat harness, reserve, helmet, radio) is included. Students who fly with a wing bought from the Paraglidingshop pay € 510.

This does not include the compulsory BVVF insurance of € 25 (valid for the rest of the calendar year).


Check the calendar when the next trip is scheduled. For groups of 6 people, trainings can be arranged on request.

Currently no available events, please contact us for the next update.

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