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Club XC

Is Cross Country (XC) flying your ultimate goal? Do you have a good control over thermal flying and you have already obtained your xc certification? Do you want to raise the bar and not only fly longer but also further and better? The goal is simple, XC flying on the spot with the best predictions at the given moment, to increase your experience and knowledge and your confidence in yourself as an XC pilot.

Each day starts with a weather forecast, a task, a site briefing, transportation between take-off and landing, and retrieve. Flying together with multiple pilots and expanding your own horizons. It is a training to achieve your own XC objectives. You’ll receive tips and tricks on how to fly better XC. You’ll learn: Where can I find the next thermal? What is the thermal potential during the day? What is the best route? When do you need to accelerate and when do you need to wait? You’ll receive regular updates during the flight on the flying conditions and ‘if possible’ get guidance on finding the best thermals. After flying we will compare tracks and indicate what you could have done better. Where you could have optimized your flight and where the better route would have been.


  • XC flying in practice.
  • Predicting the weather and of a “good XC day”.
  • Reading the weather situation.
  • Making decisions, what line do you choose, where do you look for the following thermals.
  • Through briefing and de-briefing we go over how there was flying, we compare tracks and see what was good and what could be better.
  • During the flight you will receive regular updates on the conditions in the air, as far as possible you can expect additional hints and tips to optimize your flight


  • 6 days XC flying and coaching.
  • Daily meteo briefing, a task description and a site briefing.
  • Transport between takeoff and landing, and retrieve.
  • De-briefing and analysis of the flight.

For whom?

  • Certification XC Pilot and IPPI-5 card (this is a required participation condition)
  • Being a member of Club Airsport.
  • Being a member and a full BVVF insurance.
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • Have your own paragliding material, including a GPS

What is the different with the XC training?

The XC training is with 2 guides, so you have a better chance of flying with a supervisor during the flight or receiving personal guidance. There is more time and space to receive individual feedback. During the Club XC there is only 1 supervisor, so in the air he will take the largest possible group along. But it depends on how good your level is to be able to wait for each other and stay together. The Club XC is not a training, but a guided flying together, which of course makes it cheaper, but there is less individual feedback.


Where it’s good at the time. We draw an imaginary circle of 1200 km around Mechelen and find the best place for XC flights and that’s where we go. If the weather changes, and there is a better place in a row distance, then we move to another location.


€ 300 for 6 days, € 240 for pilots who fly with a wing bought from the Paraglidingshop.

Other (not included) costs:

  • Stay, target price € 25 – 40 per day
  • Own consumption
  • All costs are distributed on site


Check the calendar when the next trip is scheduled.

Currently no available events, please contact us for the next update.

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