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Our philosophy

Quality and safety are key! We want you to enjoy one of man’s greatest dreams: fly like a bird, roaming the sky and walking on clouds. No engine noise, no cumbersome procedures. Free flight is the purest form of flying.

In order to fully enjoy this, it is essential to pay attention to safety. Safety is our number one priority. Paragliding is a sport, and as with other sports such as diving or skiing, you need to be well guided and trained to avoid risks.

The Airsport team is by far the largest instructor team of the Belgian paragliding schools. Most of us do this as a volunteer, based on our passion for flying, and to pass on this passion. We are all people with a background as teachers, physiotherapists, passionate about the sport of flying. Some fly competition at international level, others prefer to keep it as flying with family. What we all share is that flying should remain fun and above all safe!

Airsport is a non-commercially minded school, we are a non-profit organisation, the proceeds are primarily reinvested in equipment and in continuing training for our instructors. This gives them the best possible and continuous training. This way we are sure that we always have the best and motivated people. We use new, modern and certified material.

The training is built up in a pedagogically thoughtful way. We want you to enjoy yourself but at the same time make sure you really learn. We love a loose and friendly atmosphere. Your instructors are not 9 to 5 people: they spend the training together with the trainees, residing and eating together with you. They are people who are primarily driven by their passion for flying, and who are happy to pass it on to you.

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