Learn to fly?

"Fly like a bird,
stop dreaming, start learning!"

Have you ever looked up, looked at the sky and the clouds, and wondered what it would be like there? Have you ever looked down from an altitude or mountain top, and wondered what it would be like to fly into the valley?

Well…. It’s FANTASTIC!


Is without a doubt one of the most accessible forms of flying. It is a fast growing sport of flying that offers a wonderful gift to many: the opportunity to fly freely… For many a childhood dream, only realized by a minority. A paraglide has no engine, and fits in a backpack that can enter the trunk of a car. Learn more abouwhat is paragliding and how to follow an initiation and learn it in the sections about paragliding and the structure of the training.


Offers you the chance to make a dream come true and to learn to fly yourself, with a paraglide. Airsport offers you a full paragliding training. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience, and it’s very affordable. As an accredited school with only certified monitors, we use pedagogically responsible techniques to allow you to enjoy the free flight in the short term.

Besides a school we are also a club, a group of friends, a paragliding family. Once you’ve learned to fly, you can stretch your wing(s) and explore the skies independently. If you prefer to do this in a group, where we look at the meteo together and draw up a flight plan under guidance and fly it together, then that is certainly possible with our Club Airsport.