Structure of the training

The training at Airsport goes in general in 3 steps:

1. De basisinitiatie op de leshelling

GOAL: To be able to take off independently, in preparation for the high flights training.

You will learn the basic theory and acquire the essential skills to be able to participate in the high flights training. These are:

  • Prepare wing and equipment correctly
  • Be able to perform pre-flight check
  • Controlling forward start in easy conditions (winds of 0-15km/h, in the right direction)
  • Follow radio instructions correctly
  • Be able to land properly

We do this training in Belgium in order to have more time for actual high flights when we are on the high flights training course.

Opzetten parapente


2. The high flight training

GOAL: Learn to fly independently in a guided framework, obtaining the initial certification, level green, in order to advance towards the pilots’ license.

You’re really going to fly! Initially under radio guidance, gradually you can become more and more independent. After this training you will have:

  • made high flights, independently or on radio guidance
  • Learned how to take off, make maneuvers and land
  • Learned how to perform the landing approach correctly
  • Adapted to being in a
  • Had theory lessons in aerodynamics, meteorology and air regulation

These trainings usually take place abroad, we go to the Vosges, the Alps, the Pyrenees or sometimes even further.



3. The advanced training or Club activities

GOAL: To obtain the pilot’s certification, level blue, and prepare to obtain the XC Pilot’s Certificate.

The trainings take you to the level of autonomous pilot and prepare you for passing the practical exam for the pilot’s certification.

More information about the completion courses can be found here.

In addition to the advanced courses, you can also travel with the Club with your initial certification, where you can grow independently to the level of certified pilot, level blue.

More information about the Club Activities can be found here.