Paragliding Insurance

This is a Civil Liability Insurance, in essence when you cause an accident and damage to other persons (against third parties). Fortunately, this is rare, but the costs can quickly add up.

  • We only accept the insurance that we obtain from Aviabel through the Federation, this concerns BA “Aviation”.
  • This insurance is mandatory for all courses and club activities. Even if you have a different insurance policy from abroad.
  • As a student, we arrange this insurance for you on the basis of your registration directly through the federation.
  • As a club member you must arrange this insurance directly with the federation.
  • More information about this insurance from the BVVF.

Travel Assistance Insurance

  • This insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  • Sometimes also called Repatriation Insurance. This insurance is for when you have a paragliding accident, need medical assistance, and need to be repatriated back home.
  • There are several insurers that underwrite travel assistance insurance, but be aware there are only a few that do not exclude paragliding. So if you already have insurance, check this first (eg Touring and DKV do not cover this).
  • Travel assistance insurance with Europ-Assistance starts at €18.

Cancellation Insurance

  • This insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  • If you need to cancel the training or trip abroad, for all kinds of reasons (health reasons, major life events, etc.), you can easily reclaim your registration fee from the insurance company in the event of cancellation on your part.
  • The best formula can be found at Europ-Assistance and can be combined with the above travel assistance.
    Cancellation insurance with Europ-Assistance starts at €15.