Cancellation Conditions

Registration for an Airsport activity in 2023 and following.

For the training slope we ask that you pay it in advance with the registration. After registration, you can register for the different training slopes. Registration is accompanied by payment of the activity and any insurance.

For all other registrations we ask for an advance of € 100, for the registration, for each registration.

One month ahead of the activity we will ask you to pay the full trip, those who did not pay in advances will be cancelled. Bellow our cancellation policy, we advise you to consider taking a cancellation insurance.


For all activities after the lecture slope, an advance of € 100 is paid, the remaining amount is paid one month before the activity. An advance must be paid for each registration.

For the lesson slope (initiation day, basic training), the entire amount is paid for the activity. This is part of the registration module of the calendar.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation by Airsport

Our sport is subject to the meteo, so it can happen that a training slope or an internship can not take place. Of course, our first priority is to make sure we can fly safely, and if the meteo at the destination doesn’t allow it, then we’re looking for an alternative. Week-long internships, always continue, because in the term of 6 days we will find enough options to explore the airspace, even though we have to make a trip from the destination first.

However, if a training slope or an internship cannot continue, the advance will be refunded via a voucher code that can be reused on a later activity.

Cancellation by the participant

Cancellation of a lesson slope

If you cancel more than a month before the lesson slope, you will receive a voucher code to register for a later activity, worth your original registration. If you cancel less than a month before the lesson slope, we will do everything we can to give your place to someone else. If someone else can take your place, you will receive a voucher code worth your registration. However, if it is so late that no one on the waiting list is available anymore, you will lose your registration fee. The earlier you can let us know that the lesson slope no longer fits, the more likely you will be able to join and you will get your advance back.

Cancelling an internship, trip or club activity

Just like a training slope, if you cancel early enough and we can take someone else with you, you’ll get your advance back via a voucher code. However, if fixed costs have been incurred, even if you cancel more than a month in advance, and no replacement has been found, the cost will first be deducted from the advance and the rest will be returned via a voucher code. For some trips and internships we have to arrange our places of residence or transport early. If there are cancellation fees, they will be passed on to the participant. If we can’t find anyone to take your place, you’ll lose your advance.