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Club Prices

What costs what, there are different prices for the different club activities, here an overview. The prices below assume that you fly with your own equipment and you are a full member with insurance from the BVVF.

WhatPriceDiscounted price (*)
Club Airsport€ 30 /day€ 25 /day
Club Flex€ 30 /day€ 25 /day
Club Travel€ 35 /day€ 30 /day
Club XC (#)€ 50 /day€ 45 /day
Club Ski & Fly€ 60 /day€ 50 /day

(*) A discount is given to pilots who fly with a wing bought at the Paraglidingshop, new or demo packages.

(**) Transport on site included.

(#) With 1 attendant, on-site transportation included.

All activities are subject to Airsport’s cancellation conditions.

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